Northpoint Commercial Finance Believes That Success Comes from Teamwork

Northpoint Commercial Finance is a company that prides itself on its culture. As a diversified inventory finance company that partners with manufacturers and dealers to provide unique and successful financing for their products, they place communication, teamwork, and customer service as their highest priorities.

Northpoint team members are cross-trained in multiple areas of the business, so they not only understand their current function, but the business as a whole. The Operations team, which is empowered to make decisions and has direct access to senior management, is led by Dave Sapienza (AVP Operations), Account Executives Debra Burney and Bob Knapp, Senior Account Manager Erin Maher, and Account Managers Tara Bayke, Dena Horton and Katy Mitchell.

Jeff Olander, Vice President of National Accounts, states, “Most of our team members have spent all of or at least the bulk of their career in this business. One of the main reasons why is that we’re passionate about what we do and truly value the relationships we have built over the years with our manufactured housing retailer customers. The most enjoyable part of the job is becoming a true business partner of our retailers, helping them navigate through the inevitable ups and downs of a business cycle and ultimately playing a role in their success.” A recent customer survey indicated 90% of Northpoint dealers planned on expanding the relationship. Northpoint believes this is due to their unmatched speed in execution and high levels of customer service, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Operations team.

In the manufactured housing business, retailers of all sizes have some excellent “runs” in their new home sales activity throughout the year over a relatively short period, resulting in challenges for both retailers and manufacturers. The Northpoint Operations team coordinates closely with both sales and credit to address these opportunities expeditiously, and oftentimes proactively, with seasonal overlines or temporary uplifts. When unforeseen instances occasionally occur, needs are addressed through an order specific overline. Operations, and all of the Northpoint team, understands the critical importance of approving these orders and reacts quickly to accomplish what needs to be done.

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