Northpoint Commercial Finance Hires Neil Panchal as Director of Business Development

Burlington, ON – Neil Panchal has joined Northpoint Commercial Finance as Director of Business Development.  He will report to Bob Eddy, Vice President of Business Development, and be responsible for advancing business and client relationships in Ontario and Manitoba.

“We are extremely happy to see Neil join the Northpoint team,” said Mr. Eddy. “We are experiencing significant growth, and having Neil focused on business development in Ontario and Manitoba is very important to our continued success. His knowledge and enthusiasm will be a great fit and we look forward to having him onboard.”

Mr. Panchal has 12 years of experience in the floorplan finance industry.  Prior to joining Northpoint, he held Operational and Sales positions at GE/Wells Fargo CDF. Mr. Panchal is passionate about providing superior service, being part of a successful team, and is a very welcome addition to Northpoint.

About Northpoint Commercial Finance

Northpoint, with over 25 years of industry experience and offices throughout North America, adheres to the needs of the customer, not strict guidelines and uncompromising options. They have been revolutionizing the finance industry for years, partnering with manufacturers, distributors, and dealers to provide flexible financing solutions, because they believe an inflexible solution is really no solution at all. Their decisions are fast, too. Customers will have an answer from Northpoint in an expedient manner because they understand that time is money. This means Northpoint’s clients are able to grow their businesses and meet their goals at speeds that most have never experienced.  Most customers expand their relationship with Northpoint within the initial twelve months of coming on board because of this unmatched client focus. If you think commercial lenders can’t have innovative ideas and a fresh focus, you have never worked with Northpoint Commercial Finance. For more information about Northpoint’s product offerings, visit