Northpoint Commercial Finance Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of LBC Capital Acquisition

 Northpoint Commercial Finance Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of LBC Capital Acquisition

Northpoint Commercial Finance recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of being acquired by LBC Capital, a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada. The August 2017 acquisition helped expand Northpoint’s presence in the U.S. and Canada and provided great resources to help support Northpoint’s existing relationships.

For years, Northpoint has built a reputation within the finance industry of continued innovation, knowledgeable industry experts, and strategic partnerships. Northpoint has become a leader in commercial finance, supplying flexible inventory financing for clients in industries including marine, manufactured housing, RV, trailer, consumer appliance, and more. This reputation of excellence has only been strengthened since Northpoint’s acquisition by LBC Capital. Northpoint’s offerings are now stronger than ever, and this once start-up company has now secured its long-term future as a powerful force in the market.

Dan Radley, Northpoint CEO, states, “Since our acquisition by LBC Capital, we’ve been able to experience exceptional growth with the support and access to reliable capital that Laurentian Bank provides. We’ve solidified our place in the market while maintaining the unique approach and culture that have been our hallmarks since our founding in 2012. With the experience and backing of Laurentian Bank, in business for over 170 years, we’re poised to continue pursuing new opportunities well into the future.”

Part of Northpoint’s success is due to the unique culture created by Northpoint’s management team. Northpoint is built on the cornerstones of long-term partnerships and flexible, customized financial solutions that work to meet clients’ needs. This culture has flourished with LBC Capital’s backing. Radley says, “The entrepreneurial team at LBC Capital aligns perfectly with Northpoint culturally. Together we’ve created a unique commercial finance company, joined by our passion for customers, speed in execution, and highly personalized approach to lending.”

The distinguishing features that led to the success of Northpoint have remained post acquisition and will continue to be strengthened by the support of LBC Capital. These features include not only methods in which Northpoint conducts business, but its unmatched customer service, quick credit turn time, and a focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and dealers throughout the industries it serves. After a successful first year post acquisition, Northpoint Commercial Finance is poised to continue its growth and success for many years to come.

About Northpoint Commercial Finance

Northpoint Commercial Finance, with offices in Alpharetta, GA, and Burlington, ON, combines experience with advanced technologies, fresh ideas, streamlined processes, and a customer focus formed specifically for the varied needs and goals of each business. Northpoint’s inventory finance offerings drive sales, enhance cash flow, and improve profitability for both manufacturer and dealers. More information about Northpoint and its offerings is available at

 About Laurentian Bank Financial Group

Founded in 1846, Laurentian Bank Financial Group is a diversified financial services provider whose mission is to help its customers improve its financial health. The Laurentian Bank of Canada and its entities are collectively referred as Laurentian Bank Financial Group (the “Group” or the “Bank”). With more than 3,700 employees guided by the values of proximity, simplicity and honesty, the Group provides a broad range of advice-based solutions and services to its customers through its businesses: Retail Services, Business Services, B2B Bank and Capital Markets. The Group – with pan-Canadian activities and a presence in the United States – is an important player in numerous market segments. The Group has $47 billion in balance sheet assets and $32 billion in assets under administration.